Philanthropic Risk Management

  • de-risk philanthropic investment
  • simplify donor + nonprofit grantmaking
  • increase your charitable impact

Do good, better.

With data, best practices, and decades of nonprofit experience, we reduce the risk and ensure the quality of your philanthropic investment by assessing and improving the organizations that you fund.

We simplify the way nonprofits receive funds, ensure donor confidence, and increase the impact of philanthropic investment.

we work directly with donors and their ngo partners

For donors

Philanthropy comes with objectives and risks, like any investment. We ensure the quality, integrity, and effectiveness of the causes you already fund.

For nonprofits

You spend more time on admin work and grant writing than anything else. We scale up your efforts and simplify your grant requirements so you can focus on making an impact.

Do good, better.

Assurance that your philanthropic investments are safe, reliable, and truly making a positive impact

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